Mega Desk

Welcome to my productivity workstation

Let's break it down.

The Desktop

I built my PC in 2019 after my friend described it as "lego for adults". I was still scared to click-in some of the components that needed force, but ultimately every thing went smoothly. The main components are:

For more details, check out the PC Part Picker page. It was fun to try to meet a budget and to learn more about how all these circuit components fit together. It felt like a "grown-up" version of the Minecraft circuits I made. Not all of the links here are what I used, but instead they are the ones I could find now.

The Monitors

The triple monitors are all the Dell U2417H, which are mounted on a VIVO Triple Monitor Desk Mount, with a Logitech HD Pro Webcam fixed to the top.

The Left

On the left side of the desk, there is my Asus Zenbook Pro (which was great, except for the speakers) in a MOSISO Laptop Stand, and a pair of Galaxy Buds+ (far left). The speaker is a Logitech THX 2.1 Speaker System that sits next to the Blue Snowball Microphone, and a pair of blue light filter glasses (unknown link).

The Right

On the right, you will find a pencil holder, an Anker Wireless Charger, and a Logitech MX Vertical as an alternate mouse.

The Bottom

Underneath the desk, you will find a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones resting on a COZOO Under Desk Headset Holder Mount. The Kinesis Freestyle2 Split Keyboard (20") with the Kinesis Freestyle Vip3 attachment sits on a HUANUO Keyboard Under Desk Tray with a Microsoft Surface Dial and Corsair Elgato Stream Deck placed between the two halves. To see how I integrated python into my stream deck, check out my project Pybiosis! Finally there is an Aelfox Wrist Rest that leads into a Microsoft Sculpt Mouse. The whole table top rests on a pair of motorized sit/standing desk legs from AnthroDesk.

*Exhales* Yep and that's my battlestation. I've crammed so many usb devices and the cables are overflowing like crazy, but I do my best to cable manage, and I'm amazed that (most of the time) things work seamlessly. Hopefully this inspired some ideas in you!